An Interview Dr. Nasir Afghan
(May 19, 2010)

Ms. Ambreen: Tell us about your childhood and early life.

Dr. Afghan:
I was born in Karachi in 1963. We are seven brothers and sisters and I am number four out of them. I did my Matric from Comprehensive High School, Federal B. Area, Karachi and Intermediate from Ship Owners College, Karachi. Then I took admission in the Geology Dept., Karachi University from where I completed my M. Sc.

Ms. Ambreen
: What type of child you were, serious, naughty or sharp etc. ?

Dr. Afghan: I was fond of games and used to play a lot.

Ms. Ambreen: Your initial field in Karachi University was Geology. How and why did you switch over to teaching ?

Dr. Afghan: After completing my Geology degree from Karachi University, I got a job in Singapore. Although I earned a lot of money there but I was not enjoying my work. Therefore I went to Netherlands, Holland where I spent all my money to complete my MBA. Then I realized that I have an interest in management an teaching. At that stage I felt that teaching is the right job for me. Then I decided to do a PhD.    

Ms. Ambreen: How did you join IBA ?

Dr. Afghan: After my studies when I came back to Pakistan in 1999, I was interested to join IBA but unfortunately I was not successful. I joined LUMS.

Ms. Ambreen: This means its about ten years time that you are in teaching.

Dr. Afghan: Yes, its about a decade now.

Ms. Ambreen: What is your opinion about Dr. Ishrat’s vision about IBA, as he wants to see IBA in top ten universities in Asia ?

Dr. Afghan: IBA was number one at one time but then there was a lot competition and IBA lost its number one position. It is now a challenge for IBA to restore the same position again. This is the centre point of Dr. Ishrat’s vision.

Ms. Ambreen: What should be the reforms in education system in our country ?

Dr. Afghan: I will talk with reference to IBA that we should improve our MBA program and make improvements in our exam system. We should provide leadership skills and knowledge to our students. Our students should have self-confidence and problem solving skills.

Ms. Ambreen: Being a Program Director MBA, what are your responsibilities ?

Dr. Afghan: Mainly to improve our MBA program for both faculty and students, to design up-to-date curriculum so that people choose MBA as first choice.

Ms. Ambreen: What changes did you find between the students at your time (when you were a student) and today.

Dr. Afghan:
Students today are more knowledgeable than yesterday but there is an overall change in the whole society. The culture, attitudes, behaviors and views etc.  everything is changing very rapidly. When we were students, teachers were very strict but things have changed now. In my opinion, parents should also be educated now a days.

Ms. Ambreen
: Being a person, how will you define yourself ?

Dr. Afghan:
I am a very humble person with humble people but a rude person with rude people. Generally I have a positive attitude but I am angry with dishonest people. But one characteristic I have is that I do not surrender in crisis.

Ms. Ambreen
: Do you believe in stars ?

Dr. Afghan:
No, I don’t believe. In fact in every star there are people of all characteristics.

Ms. Ambreen
: Being a father how is your attitude with your children ?

Dr. Afghan:
(Laughing) You should ask this question from my children. I am neither very strict nor very polite. A little bit strictness in my character has come from my mother because my father was not strict at all.

Ms. Ambreen
: Do you read books ?

Dr. Afghan:
yes, but not very often. The last book I read was “Love Life”.

Ms. Ambreen
: Which are your favorite authors ?

Dr. Afghan:
I read Paul Kolio and Jakoff etc. I generally like the Russian and German classic literature which attracts me.

Ms. Ambreen
: What message would you like to give to our listeners ?

Dr. Afghan:
Enjoy your work. You help the people around yourself and you will be happy.


During the interview:

  • Background music was played.
  • Songs were played during question breaks.
  • There was an Azan break also.

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